If you are looking for custom free functional website widget to run on your WordPress site such as WordPress Popup Plugins, add chat to website, newsletter signup, floating social follow button, hello bar etc. then you are absolutely in the right place because Getsitecontrol is a tool through which you can easily integrate free widgets for website.

Before jumping into the mainstream you should know Why only Get Site Control? why not anything else? Because Getsitecontrol is a premium tool which will allow you to implement every possible must needed promotional widget on your professional website as well as a blogging site.

Get Site Control is a newly launched widget, Previously Sumo me was the market leader in this field, but sumome has lost its virgin market only because of getsitecontrol’s very much user-friendly interface. You can also check this article Sumome Vs GetSiteControl

In this post, we will discuss how you can create and implement any type of add-on features you want to add on your WordPress website. You just only need to follow the steps to install GetSiteControl on your website.

As I have discussed earlier GetSiteControl is a paid tool, but as you are a reader of Digitalmarketingio so, you can use it for absolutely free for one site. Register & verify your site to make full use out of it & if you choose the premium version you will also get a Flat 10% off on that.

GetSiteControl Registration

After registration & verification, to make the widgets appear on your website you will need to install GetSiteControl code to your site. Do not worry, you need to do this only once to be able to create and manage widgets from your Get Site Control dashboard. Here are the steps to add code to Install GetSiteControl widget to your website:

Step 1:

Sign in to your account on www.getsitecontrol.com. If you do not yet have an account, create one, it is free.

Step 2:

Click the Site Settings link at the top of the page and switch to the Install tab.

Step 3:

You can see a window with a piece of code in it.
Copy that code into Clipboard.

Getsitecontrol widget

Step 4:

There are two alternative methods of verification are available. First One is code implementation and another is through plugin installation.

Code Implementation: Open the code of your website and paste the previously copied code (from getsitecontrol) just before the closing </body> tag on your website. Now Save the changes and exit.


Plugin Installation:

  • Go to your website’s WordPress dashboard.
  • Under Plugins click on “Add New”.
  • You will get a search bar on the right-hand upper corner.
  • Search “GetSiteControl”, on search completion you will find the desired plugin. Install & activate the plugin.
  • On successful installation you will find the plugin’s setting on the left sidebar, just sign in with your credential and its done.


After implementing the code on your site, you need to verify the code if it is properly installed or not. You will find it in the getsitecontrol dashboard.

Getsitecontrol Installation

That’s all. Now step forward to create a new widget for your website.

Installing the code once per site actually makes it easier to create widgets. Because all the creation and editing is done via the Dashboard. And you do not need to edit the code of your website every time. If, you have already installed the code you just need to go to your Dashboard and create a new widget, and it will appear on your website automatically.


Widget Creation

In Get Site Control you can create total seven types of widgets, these are:

  1. Subscribe
  2. Contact
  3. Promo
  4. Survey
  5. Follow
  6. Share
  7. Chat


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